created by Michael Paul & Usman Khan

About Us
We realised that there was a huge underrepresentation of the youth in the Telos community, therefore, we decided to not only take the role of the youth but the future of Telos into our own hands. As the youth ourselves, we intend to inspire those like us to reshape the potential and capability of the Telos ecosystem. We plan to reinvest capital made from Telos into services and products which will better the Telos network accessability for new and potentially young users as well as innovative and convenient apps. We can inform and educate telos newbies, crypto fanatics and young interested investors; a demographic that no other Telos organisation can connect with, as well as we can. About 10% of yearly revenue will go towards charities and preserving the world we live in to decrease the number less fortunate there are for the prospective reformed humankind.
Our Team
Though on the surface, it may seem like we lack experience, our Block Producer, our site, and everything you see was organized and assembled by us. We both have knowledge in coding and have a huge interest in making decentralised infrastructures more common. We believe that we have come a long way and believe we are capable of leading the future and the young generation towards normalising better and deserved Telos software. We are currently both undertaking our A levels and believe that with your support, we can and will be suitable candidates for Telos.
Telos Youth is co-founded and owned by Michael Paul (17 years old, Aspiring Systems Admin and Software Developer) and Usman Khan (17 years old, Talented Graphic Designer and Software Developer) . We both have plans to move onto university starting September 2023 to pursue a degree in Computer Science after our final year of A-Levels in the United Kingdom.
Code Of Conduct

At TELOS YOUTH, we believe that we have the ability, as the youngest members of the Telos community, to bring a new way of thinking and a new wave of dapp and webapp design and development to the network.

Block Producing

We will build a block producer and strive to maximise performance, security and reliability when producing blocks.


We will follow all rules of not only the block producing community but of the Telos community as a whole. We agree to follow the regproducer agreement as it is written.


We are independently owned and funded by our founders. We agree to never give up operational control of our company and will disclose full ownership percentages on our website.

Fund The Future image

When voting for other block producers, you are promised stability in the Telos you know today. When you vote for us, not only are you guaranteed security and innovation, but you secure your place as a long-time aristocrat in the telos society. We're here to stick around for a long time, listen, and engage with any ideas you have to offer. You can help sustain not only the telos of today but participate in engineering the beginning of a new era of telos. As the youngest block producer on the chain, we would really appreciate your support and your vote. Fund the future, vote for us. Thank you.


Telos Youth

We also have NFTs made by a member of our team which are all for sale on Our 2021 NFT Advent Calender is still available for purchase so please feel free so browse and see if any entice you. All profits made from these will be reinvested into TELOS YOUTH whether that is in the form of servers for our Block Producer, funding NFT projects or fuelling our campaign for votes as your representative of the future.