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The Telos Youth Discord Community Server
Due to our ultimate objective of making crypto less intimidating, making a Telos discord server is the most optimum way to tap into and attract young prospects and talent. This discord server intends to be a gateway into Telos for new users, consisting of a welcoming and warm community of existing Telos elites and complete beginners who may just even be taking a gander and want to learn a little bit more.
Telos Youth TikTok
tik tok
As the spearheads of the future of Telos, we quickly realised that Telos has struggled to find itself on TikTok, the largest platform on the internet today with a complex algorithm that would allow the right demographic to hear about Telos. Therefore we've taken it upon ourselves to promote Telos through TikTok and ensure that as many people as possible hear the name.
Telos Youth NFTs
We believe NFTs are a great way to make telos more adverse and engaging, hence we have been consistent in the Telos NFT space including buying and minting NFTs all thanks to how easy it is due to Telos' low gas fees, these NFTs are promoted through various means such as Twitter and TikTok.